... to see that you learn the fundamentals of the golf
swing necessary to improve and enjoy your game.
From beginner to seasoned professional, the Claire Batista Golf Academy has
something for everyone ...

  • Half, One-Day and Specialized School programs covering all aspects of the
  • Private individual instruction for juniors and adults to guide you at your pace
    based on your individual needs.
  • Playing lessons for work on course management, club and shot selection to
    improve scoring.
  • Group instruction and clinics for you and your friends.
  • Corporate clinics customized to meet your company's needs.  Reward your
    employees or show appreciation to clients with help from Claire!
  • Junior Golf Club designed for serious youth golfers who are looking to take
    their game to the next level.
  • Club fitting. PING and Callaway fitting systems using the TrackMan Launch
  • Junior Camps.
  • Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) fitness training.
  • Summer Practice Club for students of the Claire Batista Golf Academy.
  • Internet recap lessons.  Review your lesson on your computer to continue to
    work on your golf game.
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Offering a Variety of Programs
Golf School
Group & Corporate
Our goal is quite simple ...
Claire's teaching style is to make your swing work for you with as
little change as possible. She has found that integrating
communication, knowledge, and patience is the formula to a faster
success rate. She will put her proven golf instructions to work for you
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... to see that you learn the fundamentals of the golf
swing necessary to improve and enjoy your game.
Individual Lessons are 30
2014 price:  $50.00

1/2 Hour Lesson + Recap
Internet Video Lesson
2014 Price:  $65.00

4(Half Hour) Lesson Series
2014 Price:  $185.00

2 Hour Playing Lesson
2014 Price:  $190.00

Junior 1/2 Hour Lesson
2014 Price:  $40.00

Club Fitting
Irons or woods:  $65.00
Whole bag:  $85.00

Practice Club
2014 Price: $125.00
The Titleist Performance
Institute Fitness Screening

The screening identifies
weaknesses and specific
exercises to help improve
body mobility and stability.
Producing a more efficient
and powerful swing!

Claire is a TPI Level 1
Certified Golf Fitness
Instructor.  Claire will
develop a golf specific
exercise program for you.

Fitness Screening, Golf
Swing Analysis and Your 6
Week Individual Exercise

Cost: $125.00
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a Claire Batista Golf
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What is TrackMan?

TrackMan measures and displays the full trajectory of any shot
from 10 yard pitch shots to 400 yard drives, pinpointing the
landing position with an accuracy of 1 foot at 100 yards.  
TrackMan displays the shot's actual 3D trajectory in real time
together with all impact and ball flight information.

TrackMan Data
Club Data                                   Ball Data
                  Club Speed                                                    Ball Speed

                  Attack Angle                                                  Launch Angle

                  Club Path                                                       Launch Direction

                  Swing Plane                                                  Spin Axis

                  Swing Direction                                            Spin Rate

                  Dynamic Loft                                                 Smash Factor

                  Spin Loft                                                         Height

                  Face Angle                                                     Carry

                  Face-to-path                                                  Side Spin

                                                                                            Total Distance

                                                                                             Landing Angle

                                                                                             Hang Time

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TrackMan Combine is a standardized test, enabling golfers to identify                 
 strengths and weaknesses - as well as compare their performance to  
other peer groups.

The TrackMan Combine consists of 60 shots, each of which is scored  on a          
scale of 0-100.  Shots hit at targets/zones of 60, 70, 80, 90, 100,  120, 140          
160,  and 180 yards plus drivers.    When the test is completed  
every player receives:

A TrackMan Combine Score for every yardage. An aggregate TrackMan               
Combine score.
A percentile ranking for each yardage-based on the selected peer group. The    
 average distance from the pin at every yardage. The average driver distance    
  and accuracy.
 COST - $50.00
Click the TrackMan Logo to learn more
about TrackMan Launch Monitors.